When to Hire a Professional for Heating Repair

There are a lot of DIY repairs that you can do yourself, but in some situations, it’s always better to call in a professional. Below are times when you should call an HVAC repair tech to help you with your heater.

1. Not Producing Heat

Is your heater on and seemingly running fine, but not producing hot air? If so, there could be a lot of things wrong with it. Unfortunately figuring out which issue it is could be difficult, and that’s why you should hire a professional to help you out. They’ll inspect the unit to determine the exact cause of the problem before they repair it.

2. Not Turning on

Heater is on and you have power running to it but nothing is happening. A professional is the only one who should work with an issue like this, otherwise you might spend weeks in the cold trying to fix it yourself. They will determine why the unit isn’t turning on before letting you know if repairs or a replacement is the right choice.

3. Not Working with Thermostat

Is your heater turning on when it’s already hot? Or is it not turning on when you have it set at a cold temperature? An HVAC tech will be able to figure out why this is happening based on a thorough inspection when they first visit. They’ll likely be able to perform some small repairs that get your heater working properly like you wanted it to.

4. Making Weird Noise

If the HVAC unit you have is making an odd noise, call in a professional. There could be a serious problem wrong, and you’ll want an expert to handle it. If repairs can be done they’ll be able to stop the weird noise so your heater works quietly again.

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